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Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning And Martial Arts

Traditionally, learning martial arts has been limited to In-Person classes.  Fortunately, interactive technologies now allow us to share the martial arts experience with a broader audience through virtual learning.

Our experience shows that children and adults can consistently advance in the development of their martial arts skills through virtual learning. In fact, experts agree that a person training remotely can reach up to 80% proficiency in any given technique.

Here are four benefits of virtual learning through martial arts:

1. Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Virtual training requires thoughtful attention to detail and technique. Without the potential distraction of a bag or partner, virtual learning trains a person like you to focus on their own individual body mechanics to develop better precision of movement. 

2. Promote Physical, Mental, And Emotional Health

We can all agree that personal wellness is an important part of life. And training in the martial arts is a great way to get in shape. Understandably, not everyone’s lifestyle allows them to consistently attend scheduled In-Person classes. However, there are several at-home fitness options that a person like you can participate in on your own schedule. Now, these options typically don’t deliver in the way of consistent motivation and noticeable progress.  Fortunately, virtual martial arts training delivers the convenience of training remotely while also promoting personal progress through belt rank progression.

3. Encourage A Sense Of Community And Connection

Remotely training with other like-minded individuals always helps build a sense of friendship and community. Of course, when In-Person social interactions are limited, virtual training with others provides an excellent opportunity to develop relationships with people who are pursuing similar goals. 

4. Demonstrate The Importance Of Persevering Through Obstacles

The unexpected happens in life and it often has the potential to change everything we’ve come to accept as normal including how we train in the martial arts. However, virtual training provides an opportunity to embrace these challenges and confidently move forward with our personal development while avoiding potential setbacks. 

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