Black Belt Program

The Black Belt Proram is designed to train kids and adults in pursuit of a martial arts way of life earning multiple levels of black belt in Taekwondo. Students train 2-3 times per week including basic weapons training and each training session is 45 minutes long.

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Mastery Program

The Mastery Program is our elite training program. While becoming a black belt is the immediate desire, becoming a black belt leader is the ultimate goal in the martial arts.

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Legacy Program

The Legacy Program at Invictus Martial Arts is an apprenticeship in the business of shaping and improving lives.

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Tiny Titans

Similar to the Black Belt Program, this class is designed specifically for our youngest students (ages 3-5 yrs) and tailored to their unique learning styles, pace, and energy.

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Demonstration Team

The Demonstration Team is comprised of instructor-recommended students who have proven their commitment to martial arts mastery.

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Invictus Kickboxing

Invictus’ exclusive MMA Kickboxing Program offers advancement in belt rank in pursuit of earning their black belt in hybrid kickboxing (American, Muay Thai, and more) and MMA drills.

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Invictus Conditioning

This is a fitness only class designed to increase emotional resilience, advance physical fitness, and upgrade mental toughness.

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Adult Cane

This is a complete martial arts program for the adult student (18+) who wants to progress from a beginner through multiple levels to black belt ranking in cane.

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Group Events

Invictus Martial Arts offers fun and informative events throughout the year, including Martial Arts Parties and Informed Awareness Workshops.

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