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Invictus Commencement December 2019

Congratulations to Invictus’ Newest Black Belts

Please join us in congratulating our newest black belts!

On Saturday, December 14th, Invictus hosted its biannual celebration – The Black Belt Commencement.

The six black belts ranging in promotion rank from 1st Dan to 3rd Dan have been testing for their next rank since August 2019. The commencement culminated with dynamic performances showcasing their skills and abilities and a heartfelt ceremony.

We’re so grateful for our black belts’ commitment to practice and persevere as martial arts athletes and honored to have them and their families as valuable members of our community.

Congratulations black belts!

Invictus Commencement Collage December 2019

To see more images from this special event, we welcome to view the entire photo gallery here.


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