How To Spend Your Tax Refund

Did you know…

  • The average expected tax refund in the US is more than $3,000?
  • 22% of Americans use their refund for everyday expenses?
  • Texas is ranked #6 of the top ten states with the largest refunds?
So, how will you spend your refund? We’ve put together a quick list to help give you some ideas on how to put that money to work for you…

  1. Pay down some debt.
  2. Take a family vacation.
  3. Choose an annual membership at Invictus.

Experience shows that members who use their refunds for family and fitness activities like martial arts are happier with their overall investment in the use of their refund than a person who uses it to pay off debt. While paying off debt is a really good thing to do, often a person will end up more satisfied with the overall wellbeing they experience by choosing to invest in an active martial arts lifestyle.

Training in martial arts with a community of like-minded individuals improves mobility, strength, focus, self-discipline, and self-control which experts agree can lead to a more productive life in academics and career.

Perhaps it’s time to consider how the benefits of martial arts can help you! And, best of all, you can feel really good that your tax refund was well spent on your most valuable resource… you!

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