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Finding The Right Personal Trainer

Finding the right personal trainer can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, we’re here to help! Maybe you took some time time off from your fitness routine and suddenly a few weeks turned into a few months. Perhaps you’re bouncing back from a minor injury and feeling uncertain about what exercises are best for your current activity level. It’s possible you’ve never had a consistent exercise regime and you could use some guidance. Or maybe you’re just struggling with feeling unmotivated. We’ve all been there. You know a personal trainer can help, but how do you find a coach that’s right for you?


Regardless of why you’re considering working with a personal trainer, one thing is certain. You want to see clear and consistant progress.


When you think of a personal trainer you probably think of a typical training session including some cardio as well as strength training with weights. But did you know, there’s an alternative? If running on a treadmill and working with free weights doesn’t get you excited, an MMA coach may be the perfect fit for you. Getting in shape with martial arts training isn’t just possible, it’s also a lot of fun! Understanding the benefits of working with an MMA personal trainer is as easy as A, B, C!

A. All About Accountability

One of the main reasons people hire personal trainers is for accountability. It’s a lot harder to blow off your training when there’s a coach waiting for you at a set time every week. Knowing you have a coach who is fully invested in your growth and development helps you stay motivated to keep doing the work and keep showing up.  An MMA coach will specifically challenge you to develop your upper and lower body as well as your cardio during each training session. MMA training is a full-body, aerobic activity that uses body-weight resistance training to develop strong bones, encourage weight-loss, and strengthen muscles. Whatever your fitness goals are, having an MMA coach as your personal trainer will keep you focused on why you started and give you the support you need to achieve lasting transformation.

B. Beat The Boredom

Let’s face it, nothing sucks the life out of you like doing the same exercises week after week without seeing any progress. In fact, many people will quit their gym memberships because they just aren’t motivated. Keep things interesting with an MMA personal trainer! A good MMA coach has mastered the art of disguising repetition. Whether it’s mixing up combos and pad drills or working through sparring techniques, every training session is different. Ultimately, you’ll stay engaged and excited about your training while working up a great sweat.

C. Customized Training

Your fitness needs and goals are uniquely yours. Shouldn’t your training program be too? A personal trainer will customize your training experience to ensure you get exactly what you want out of your workout. A good MMA coach will help you understand your body and train you to be able to maximize your performance the way only you can. In addition to training you how to perform each technique, your MMA coach will also train you why each technique works with your specific body mechanics. Worried about an old injury? Your personal trainer can suggest modified movements that will still help you make progress while avoiding re-injury.


Ready to give personal training a shot?  Reserve a FREE private coaching session at Invictus where REAL people like you are getting REAL results for the REAL world!

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Three Benefits To Training In A Private Martial Arts Academy

Invictus Martial Arts is a private, by-appointment-only martial arts academy on N. Lake Creek Parkway in NW Austin (Williamson County). Unlike many of the other martial arts training facilities in the area, Invictus is NOT open to the general public but rather designed for those receiving training with our certified martial arts coaches. This kind of arrangement works well for SO many reasons. 

Here are three benefits to training in a private martial arts academy like Invictus Martial Arts.

Shared Commitment

If your session overlaps with that of another coach and client (like our small group or semi-private options), you’ll be sharing the space with like-minded individuals. When people choose a personal martial arts coach, they tend to want to get the most bang for their buck. Unlike a public studio, where people may blend in with the crowd, spend 45 minutes with very little direct, personalized input on how to make progress, or wait unnecessarily long to use the equipment, the goal in a private martial arts academy setting is an efficient, effective training session – every time.

Better Training

One of the perks of working with a personal martial arts coach is a customized training session that takes into consideration your goals and continued development. Your martial arts coach will keep you on task, moving from skill to skill, and pushing you in a manner that challenges you without putting you at risk. You’ll also learn proper technique, further reducing your chances of injury and maximizing your efficiency and control.

A More Personal Experience

Training in a private setting facilitates familiarity, making it easy to build a good rapport and camaraderie with both your martial arts coach and anyone else who happens to be training at the same time. These kinds of supportive bonds reinforce accountability, which is so important for making progress toward your martial arts goals. 

A private, by-appointment-only martial arts academy, like Invictus Martial Arts in NW Austin (Williamson County), strikes the perfect balance of results and community. It offers a cozy social environment while still promoting hard work. Whether LIVE-Streaming online or In-Person, if you’re ready to learn more then contact us today for a FREE Private Consultation.

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© 2019-2021 Invictus Martial Arts

All rights reserved. Used with permission. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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