Rank Assessments At Invictus

At Invictus Martial Arts, we assess eligible members for promotion every two months and wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the guidelines we talk about before every Rank Assessment.

We believe in progress before promotion. To be promoted to your next rank, it is always at the sole discretion of Invictus instructors and based mostly on your attitude, attendance, and performance but also includes knowledge of skills, application of techniques, adherence to gym etiquette, etc. In fact, please familiarize yourself with our Gym Etiquette posted on our website HERE.

The following further details what we mean by attitude, attendance, and performance:

  • Members consistently display a positive and supportive attitude to their peers and the instructors
  • Members follow the instructors’ guidance and instructions at all times (no exceptions)
  • Members focus on being a good training partner so that everyone benefits and learns
  • Members always give their best effort and try their best; perfection is never the goal but continuous improvement is
  • Members regularly attend their scheduled classes
  • Members avoid being disruptive as this is disrespectful and distracts others from learning
  • Members will always respond to the instructors with an audible “yessir” or “yes ma’am”
  • Members are required to recite the Invictus creed in every class

Invictus instructors supervise and administer every Rank Assessment and will provide personalized feedback detailing all areas of continued development, providing notes for refining performance, and summarizing a member’s general strengths and areas of continuous improvement.

Invictus Rank Assessment fees cover the time and energy Invictus Instructors expend assessing a member’s skills and abilities and providing personalized feedback to assist you, our member, on the path towards martial arts mastery. All members are expected to pay the full assessment fee each time a member is eligible for Rank Assessment. Assessment fees vary by program (Tiny Titans – $20; all others – $40).

During a live assessment (whether LIVE-Stream or In-Person), members will only have a limited number of attempts to execute each drill. If a member’s performance does not meet Invictus Martial Arts standards, that member will need to be re-evaluated at a later date or wait until the next Rank Assessment. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that members practice and prepare diligently to minimize the chance of errors during their live evaluation.

Luckily, we believe the best in you, our members, and trust that all of you make following these guidelines your top priority every time you’re here at Invictus Martial Arts.


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