Giving Back

Giving Back

Since its inception, Invictus Martial Arts has strived to support the community locally and globally in both service and sponsorship and it is our belief that it is the Giver’s in life who have the most to gain. We’re so grateful to support some of the following organizations:

Kids 2 Kids (K2K) Mission Hope

Kid 2 Kid Mission Hope is a 501 c(3) charitable organization that has given the opportunity for kids to experience service to the world while serving the Q’eqchi Indian villages in southeastern Guatemala for the last 25 years. K2K has lead projects including:

Constructed clinics, schools, churches

Rainwater collection and clean water projects for three communities

Funded teachers for the schools

Funded middle and high school education through scholarships for thousands of students.

Avery Ranch Redfish

Invictus Martial Arts is a proud sponsor of the Avery Ranch Redfish. GooooOOOO Redfish!

Avery Ranch Social Committee

Invictus Martial Arts regularly volunteers time and resources with the Avery Ranch Social Committee.


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